TRE® –  Shake off stress

A simple self-help method to release stress and tension that’s locked in in the body.  To literally and figuratively shake it all off.

This method, easy to learn and at the same time deep working method, is highly effective in remedying the physical and psychological backwash of stress. It’s a gentle and yet powerful aid to discharge and dissolve the consequences of unprocessed experiences and emotions, going from daily stress to traumatizing incidents.

Via TRE®-exercises as taught by Dr. David Berceli you activate neurogenic tremors and vibrations that work deep in the body. The autonomic nerve system relaxes again, your mind becomes peaceful and quiet and your body recovers.

By letting go and releasing all tension and stress you regain or augment your resilience. By untying knots and freeing yourself from what was stagnated and stuck inside you, your energy starts to flow freely again.

This wonderful method is taught (*) during 3 individual sessions, 3 two person sessions or groupworkshops.  Afterwards you can continue to do these SOS sessions at home.  There’s an App available in the App store, so you can still have some guidance during the exercises and the actual shake-session.

(*) It’s recommended by Berceli that you learn this method under the guidance of a certified provider in a safe environment.

You can also choose to attend a SOS day on displacement.
During this day you get insight into stress mechanisms.  You learn how and why stress and trauma leave an imprint on the brain and body.  During this day you do two shake sessions and immediately experience how it feels to have more peace and quiet.  Beside the two shake-sessions there’s also a wonderful guided meditation, to enhance the connection with yourself and improve the ability to feel.  The advantage of working in a small group is also that you have the ability to exchange with other people.

You can always choose to organize a day yourself.
With a minimum of four people and a maximum of twelve, we will consider which location works and find out about specific practical issues.  Prices are tailor-made for the occasion and size of the group.
This can be an amazing thing to do while teambuilding, at birthday-weekends or on other special occasions with friends.