QEC or Change Of Beliefs-sessions

QEC is a method or a way to turn old, destructive beliefs into constructive, empowering beliefs.

Whether we are happy with ourselves, whether we have abundance, are successful, healthy or truly happy in our lovelife…everything, every aspect in life is influenced by the beliefs we have.  Most of the convictions we have, are rooted in our early childhood.  Until the age of 7 we take everything for granted, and we just believe what we are told to be true.  Even if it’s negative thoughts about ourselves, even if it’s seriously destructive or toxic.
Our thoughts and beliefs can determine our life and everything about it.

It’s wonderful and fascinating we can alter these beliefs, we can consciously change them.  To do so we first have find out what limited beliefs are active and hindering us in our life, and from this we create new constructive and empowering beliefs to replace the old ones. By raising our vibration we can install our own beliefs in our subconsciousness, in just a few steps.

If you like we can work around one specific theme or topic at a time, during a 90 minute session.  Self-worth, birth-trauma, relationships, abundance, healthy sexuality…are a few topics many people work around.

Dr Melanie Salmon is the woman that researched and combined former proved systems and methods, in such a way that it leads to the high effectiveness of QEC.  I was trained by her in the first European training she did, and am one of the only qualified QEC-coaches in Belgium.

QEC is a wonderful tool to use in addition to what’s revealed during a family-constellation.  And a very efficient way to create he life you dream of and desire after you learned how to raise your energy and vibration.

A single Change of Beliefs session costs 100€.
The price per sessions lowers when the length of the route is longer.
You get three 90 minute-sessions for 280€*
You get five 90 minute-sessions for 450€*
You get seven 90 minute-sessions for 600€*

 * If you have a very limited budget, please contact me for social discount.
** All prices are VAT-inclusive for individuals, and VAT-exclusive for people with a small or big business who would like an invoice for the coachings.