We all know what it’s like to have stress and tension. And even though the consequences affect each of us in different ways, we suffer from them one by one. The consequences from having too much stress or chronic tension often translates into pain, discomfort, sleeping problems and restlessness.

Most of us prefer a quick fix. Fortunately, you can do stress-release quite easy and fast thanks to TRE®.  It’s a way to, literally and figuratively, shake off all stress and tension.  Hence the name Shake Off Stress-journey.

TRE® or SOS is not only an ideal way to free yourself from accumulated tensions or to find more peace and relaxation, it is also a very good way to improve the connection with yourself, through your body. To expand your body awareness and general awareness.

You learn this self-help method in a 3 session-journey, which you do either individually or in a small group. Afterwards you can shake at home as often and as much as you want, it truly is a gift for life.

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* An SOS introduction can add fantastic value to a team building day for caregivers, teachers at your school, all people in stress-prone professions and company executives. Contact me for a tailor-made price.