Meditating is all about connecting with your true self and your source-energy, about becoming and being conscious.

Your breath and awareness help you to make this connection within yourself and to improve and deepen it.  By breathing and feeling you become more and more conscious about your energy and true nature and you will explore and experience how you can influence your own vibration and raise your frequency.

Meditating can help you, at the start of every day, to consciously choose what vibe you’ld like to start with.  Meditating helps to create anchor points that can help you to say close to yourself and faithful to yourself in any situation and under all conditions.

Sometimes meditating can feel like the most easy and natural thing to do.  As if you effortlessly go with the flow of wellbeing in your life.  Some days might be more challenging and confronting to sit in silence, as you can become very aware of all thoughts, all feelings and sensations that are vividly present in yourself.

During meditations or meditative moments in all Body and Soul Coaching- sessions and -classes you are guided, sometimes by words, sometimes by sounds and by energy during silence.  You will discover what works for you, what’s the easiest way for you to reconnect with your inner Being and how you can choose and raise your frequency.

* There is an App available in the App-store (at the end of September) to allow you to do guided meditations at home too.