Systemic family constellation

Systemical work or Family Constellation work gives bright new insights, enlarges consciousness and liberates people.
Sometimes we can have the feeling of being trapped in a vicious circle, or that we miserably walk into the same ‘shituations’ over and over again.  Now and then we can be astonished about what seems to happen in our lives, what we are doing and why for god’s sake we are doing some things.  As if they don’t work at all with our conscious ideas and convictions.  Often we don’t have clarity about why our life and reality is the way it is.

Maybe you too have been encountering situations where you don’t have a clue how you got there, or did you catch yourself having thoughts that don’t match with your rational thoughts about people and life as it is.  Even when you already scent there’s something more in the game than what you really know, it can still be too blurry or ethereal to grasp.
In those circumstances a Systemic Family Healing-session can help you, to clearly see and know and help you to loosen the entanglements that are at the base of certain behaviors and situations.

What and how?

During a Constellation it becomes clear how strongly you are linked with your ancestors, how strongly they influence your life.  You carry unprocessed emotional charges from them and, unconsciously, continue to have the same habits and beliefs, out of loyalty and deep love.
Transgenerational traumas can have destructive consequences for you and the people around you.  The old patterns and programmes keep existing, generation after generation, as long as they are not revealed.

Only when you become conscious, only when you are able to see and acknowledge what you inherited from who or where, can you let go of the entanglement.  Even if some things that were a secret can be shocking or painful when they are brought to the light, it’s always healing for the family soul and for you.  It allows you to look at your parents and ancestors from a different perspective, with new eyes.  It enhances compassion, understanding and respect for all your relatives.
At the same time you can more easily take decisions, out of selflove, to no longer continue the ancestral patterns.  The liberation that comes with this decision is amazing.  You empower your true self by doing this, you feel genuine gratitude for all that has been, have deeper trust in yourself and your future.  And that results in a more relaxed and lighter way of living.

It’s astonishing how easily and quickly you can get to the core of an issue with Systemic Family Healing sessions.  It feels as if solutions present themselves spontaneously, just by observing what shows itself in the knowing field.

This really is an extraordinary therapeutic method, that can have an accelerating and deepening effect.
I have chosen to mainly work mainly with individual constellations.  They are as equally effective and powerful as constellations in group, the difference is there are no other people to represent your case or theme. You yourself are having all the insights, you are getting clarity from tuning into different people, and seeing links and connections that previously were hidden or unknown.

The combination of Constellation Work with the other methods I use is fascinating and very effective.  What you don’t know, you can’t change…by making the unknown known, by revealing the truth, you often see where some beliefs come from.  It’s an amazing starting point for Change of Beliefs sessions where you can now more effectively alter your beliefs, so they support and work for you.
The tension and clogged up energy that you carry in your cellular memory from the transgenerational unprocessed traumas, and that undoubtedly influence your emotional, mental and physical health, can be shaken off in the Shake Off Stress sessions.

For whom?

For everyone who wants to find out what lies beneath patterns in their lives.
For everyone who is ready to get answers and insights.
For everyone willing to free themselves and change.

You can do Systemic Family Healing-sessions around all kind of themes. Here are a few examples:
* You don’t feel seen and heard
* You’ve got the feeling you don’t belong in your family
* You’ve got the feeling you don’t belong in this world
* You have a hard time loving yourself
* You want to have insights about you and your (ex)partner
* You have fear of commitment and/or separation anxiety
* You seem to repeat previous experiences, in your private life or work-related
* You have questions about your sexuality
* You want to understand and/or improve your family life
* You don’t dare to trust yourself
* You are afraid to speak up
* You’ve experienced bankruptcy
* You (always) feel depressed
* You have suicidal thoughts or tendencies
* You seriously feel guilty or ashamed
* You’ve experienced loss
* Your children have behaviour problems
* You have serious health issues
* You are addicted

Practical information

You get a single Systemic Family Healing session from 90 minutes for 100€.
If you would like to combine this method with the other two methods that are used in the Body and Soul Coaching-practice, you can choose a route of multiple sessions.  The longer the route, the cheaper each session will be.
A route with three 90 minute-sessions is 280€*
A route with five 90 minute-sessions is 450€*
A route with seven 90 minute-sessions is 600€*

* If you have a very limited budget, please contact me for social discount.
** All prices are VAT-inclusive for individuals, and VAT-exclusive for people with a small or big business who would like an invoice for the coachings.