The small bang is how you and I started in this life, with the pollination of that specific egg cell by that specific sperm cell.  There really is a spark or bright flash of light that occurs when that happens, a real visible small bang, as scientists at the University of Chicago have determined. 

Through this lecture, discover how important your start in this life is…and the impact from these very early experiences are on your daily life. You will clearly see and understand what the relationship is between your prenatal experiences and birth and the beliefs, habits and patterns you have today.

Be prepared to gain insights and a deeper understanding of the miracle of life. Know that you will grow into more kindness, self-care, self-love and unconditional trust through this talk. You will also get to know that returning to wholeness – your original state of Beingness – is possible, always.

Even though it can be quite impactful information you get, there is also a lot of magic in this lecture…because magic too is part of the beginning of our journey. Add to that an inspired storyteller like Maria, who uses rich imagery and who integrates well-dosed portions of humour into this lecture. Small bang & Big consequences, is a lecture and healing information you wish you would have known so much earlier. 

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Small Bang Big Consequences

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