Sacred Feminine – journey

If you choose this journey, you choose to improve your relationship with your body, to connect and deepen the connection between your body and soul. To come home, more than ever before, to your pelvis. To (re)discover, honour and celebrate the multiplicity and fullness of your womanhood.

The different steps described below can also be taken in a different order, depending on what you need on your way to full and free womanhood.

* You map out who you are as a woman. How you view yourself and other women, in your life – your family, your work, the world…
* Transgenerational patterns and beliefs…which ones play a role in your life. You will raise awareness around this and give back what is not yours, in a beautiful ritual.
* Energetic session to cleanse your body (cleansing of the temple) and to (re)activate important energy around harmonising the hieros gamos – the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and masculine in yourself.
* Body awareness, pelvic awareness…a physical session with pelvic movement & meditative movement, slowing down and experiencing from within to connect more deeply with your body.
* An intense physical session around emotional release, with 9 ways that can support or help you to release what is stuck or stagnated in your body.
* The qualities of the different elements in yourself as a woman and their translation into self-touch, which is also particularly inspiring for intimacy in your partner relationship.
* A session around the seasons in each month, and in a woman’s life, with attention to self-care and, as dessert, a gentle breast massage.
* You, beautiful woman and your yoni, vulva, vagina…your relationship with her, your stories and judgements around her…you will encounter yourself in a beautiful yoni-gazing session.
* A session about sexuality and intimacy, how you have experienced it so far, what your wishes and desires are… Becoming aware of what really happens when your body is touched. You will experience how it feels like when nothing is asked and nothing is given or taken. You will experience how it feels to be fully present with yourself and your yoni.
* A party to celebrate your womanhood, to celebrate the road you have travelled, and to welcome and celebrate the road ahead.

This course consists of 10 one-to-one sessions of an hour and a half. For this wonderful journey you pay 1000€.

All sessions can easily be booked via the online agenda on this website. Please let me know in advance that the sessions you book are part of this wonderful deepening programme for you as a woman.
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