I’d love to take you on a magical journey.

Join me on a five-day-trip, where we will go to Brú na Bóinne, to the Ballynoe Stone Circle, the Hill of Uisneach, the ‘heart of Ireland’ where the Divine Feminine is strongly felt, and other magical places. Let’s put our feet on the earth, open our hearts to connect with ourselves, each other and all there is. Let’s dive into that sea of experiences.
Ireland, island where not just people, but also stones and trees tell stories. The island where worlds come together naturally and connections are made between here and there, past and present, above and below, outside and inside. Eiru, island, where the well-preserved energy and wisdom can be felt movingly and impressively, if we can connect with her.

It is the island where all the pieces of my puzzle seemed to fall together, making me feel more whole. The land where I could feel myself coming home…also to myself. What the island will mean to you, what magic will be at work when you put your bare feet on the earth in Ireland? I don’t know. But I’m already looking forward to taking you with me, so you can go discover and experience it. So if it resonates with you or Ireland seems to be calling you, join me…say “yes” to this journey and to yourself.
Tá Tu Grá.

Practical info:
We are always travelling ‘light’, with hand luggage only.
We will sleep in great hotels (twin rooms) and I always make sure both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will have delicious food. Important when the days are well filled, that the stomachs are also filled with good and tasty food.
I will provide entrance tickets to the sites, and organise transport by a private van with driver, so we can all relax and fully enjoy the scenery and experiences from A to Z.
Everybody takes care of their own travel insurance – it is usually included in a credit card service.

Goddesses Eiru, Boann, Danu – the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Brigid, queen Maeve…I am connecting with them on a daily basis, and yessssss they are expecting us.

Would you like to join me? If so, send me and email, info@bodyandsoulcoaching.be, and I will gladly write you on a list for future trips. Since I’m mainly guiding journeys in Dutch, my mother tongue, I am only guiding magical tours in English when there’s at least 6 participant, ideally 8. So feel free to spread the word and we’ll make this happen.

Tá Tu Grá (Gaelic for ‘you are loved’)