Birth Mapping

The first 1,001 days of a human being are the most crucial of their entire life. If development goes well in the period between conception and his/her second birthday, a child will benefit from this for the rest of his/her life. When things go wrong, it is a predictor for certain patterns, habits and even diseases such as diabetes, obesity or depression. Research has shown that or instance toxic stress in this phase is really bad for the rapidly developing child.

“If you want to work on public health, you have to start early. Preferably before conception. ” says child psychiatrist Binu Singh. She calls on us and our society to take better care of babies and their parents.

Although birthpsychology is not yet well known, a growing number psychiatrists such as Binu Sing, therapists and coaches believe it is important to pay more attention to wellbeing starting from the womb. Because many of the problems and ailments babies, children ànd adults have, go back to the pregnancy, birth and the first years.

Could this really be true? Yes indeed. Many survival mechanisms, beliefs and patterns start from the very beginning of a person’s life. Martine Bökkers and Marjella Duiker have developed a method with ‘Birth mapping’ that allows you to map the impact of these 1001 crucial days in a simple way.  They gathered all the information from worldwide experts in this field to create this method.

With this ‘birth mapping’ I help and support people to extract all the raw materials for their healing from their own birth story and / or that of their child (ren).
It can be the basis for a transformational journey or it can be a very efficient tool to work around limiting or destructive beliefs. And in any case it’s indispensable to grow towards more effortless and joyful parenting, towards knowing and understanding yourself and your child.

For anyone who knows and realizes those first years in life haven’t been a flawless course. For anyone who seems to be or feels stuck. For people who have already tried everything and apparently cannot get to the root of their problems. For parents of children with a diagnosis or label, who realize that their flower-child will not flourish until the soil in which they grow is healthy.

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