Healing Hugs



  • Always feel emotionally and physically comfortable

  • Please tell the facilitator if you feel emotionally or physically uncomfortable or concerned at any time throughout the session.

  • You are only welcome when you are sober. Influenced by alcohol or illegal drugs you are not allowed in a session.

  • If you are consulting a doctor or therapist for any emotional issues or taking medication for any emotional disorder you must tell the facilitator prior to the session.

  • Sexual intimacy or touching is not allowed in a session. Anyone asking for, offering, suggesting this, either verbally or non-verbally will be asked to leave immediately. Also kissing on the lips is not permitted.

  • You can ask to change the cuddle position or stop the cuddle at any time you want.

  • Be aware of your own personal hygiene and body odours, take a shower before you come to a session and avoid using strong perfumes, aftershaves or body lotions as they can be overwhelming.

  • Speak with the facilitator if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance with anything during the session.

  • Tears and laughter are possible during the event and are both welcome, the session-room is a safe place and we respect your privacy and feelings at all times.

  • If you are in a relationship we kindly advise that you are attending the session(s) with your partners full knowledge and approval.

  • A session at Healing Hugs & Curing Cuddles is not a therapeutical session like the ones you can do with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

  • There are no follow up sessions via phone or email; if you wish to share something new or something else and/or have the desire to come and be hugged you can always book a new session.

  • Out of respect for everybody’s time and agenda we kindly ask you to be in time for your session.  If you come in late, please know that your session will be shorter.  If you don’t show up for a session or if you cancel less that 24hours before you are scheduled, you will have to pay for the session.