Change Of Beliefs

Many people have longstanding, destructive beliefs which can be seriously self-sabotaging.  They have limited beliefs and negative convictions about themselves, about other people, and about life as it is.

Whether we are happy with ourselves, whether we have abundance, are successful, healthy or truly happy in our lovelife…everything, every aspect in life is influenced by the beliefs we have.  Most of the convictions we have, are rooted in our early childhood.  Until the age of 7 we take everything for granted, and we just believe what we are told to be true.  Even if it’s negative thoughts about ourselves, even if it’s seriously destructive or toxic.

As Bruce Lipton wrote in his book “The biology of Belief” our thoughts can determine our life.  Our whole life and everything about it.  He says we are not so much dominated by our genes, but by so called epigenetic influences, environmental factors and by our beliefs.  He was one of the first scientists to say with certainty that if we like fundamental changes in our lives, we need to find methods that can alter our thoughts on a subconscious level.

Such a method, Quantum Energy Coaching or QEC, has been created by Dr Melanie Salmon.

What and how?

Doctor Melanie Salmon has been a GP in the UK for more than 40 years, and she also worked for 25 years as a Gestalt therapist.  She was confronted almost daily with the inability to really help people with their stress- and trauma-related issues and illnesses.  It made her start a quest to find a way to help people in a better, more adequate way.

Melanie found answers in the book from Bruce Lipton and quantum physics, and valuable aspects in Psych-K, gamma healing, cardiac coherence and neuroscience.
Thanks to all the new experiences and her own medical expertise she developed QEC, Quantum Energy Coaching, a successful method to change beliefs and convictions at a subconscious-level.
This makes making a huge difference in the results with clients, according to Dr Salmon, in comparison with other therapeutic methods that work only with the conscious mind.

QEC is actually a combination of former proved systems and methods, combined in such a way that it leads to the high effectiveness of QEC.

·       Gestalt coaching
·       Focused attention
·       Brain gym / whole brain posture
·       Cardiac Coherence
·       Gratitude
·       Kinesiology

A gamma brain wave state allows you to have increased brain power, have a super focused mind and to be in the flow, but this is not easy to achieve, even if you meditate on a regular basis.  By combining a whole brain posture, cardiac coherence and gratitude you do get into this state of gamma waves very easily.  It’s one of the reasons why QEC has such amazing results.

This method works like this; you and coach find out what limited beliefs are active and hindering you in your life, and from this you create new constructive and empowering beliefs to replace the old ones.
The new convictions and beliefs are installed with the help of what’s described above in the subconscious mind.

In a session lasting about 90 minutes multiple new beliefs and thoughts around one theme can be installed and adopted.
Once the new beliefs are installed, the change is instant and the results are permanent.

After testing this new method Doctor Salmon asked herself,; “What about the residue from trauma and stress in the body?  Would this interfere with the results and would it undermine the changes?”  It led her to meet David Berceli and discover TRE©.  She immediately got the feeling this should be like the other half of the new treatments in her practice.

In my Body and Soul Coaching-practice I too use both methods.  Together with the Shake Off Stress sessions these Change of Beliefs-sessions are nothing less than a dreamteam, combining two amazingly efficient methods that enhance and complement each other, and allow deepening in both directions.

For whom?

This method is for everyone who has one or more of the issues listed here:

* low self esteem
* insecurity
* lack of vitality
* feelings of guilt and shame
* fear
* relational problems
* financial problems
* health problems
* phobia
* dominant grief and sadness
* difficulties after loss

This method is for everyone who desires one or more of these:

* positive self image
* self-confidence
* self love
* resilience
* radiant health
* unconditional love
* fulfillment
* abundance
* creativity
* consciousness
* harmony
* peace
* completenes
* unlimited potential
* wisdom
* playfulness
* effortlessness
* freedom / liberation
* strength
* lustiness
* patience
* surrender

Practical information

A single Change of Beliefs session costs 100€.
You can also choose to do a personal route from more COB sessions, or choose for a combination of the methods that are offered at Body and Soul Coaching.
The price per sessions lowers when the length of the route is longer.

A route with three 90 minute-sessions is 280€*
A route with five 90 minute-sessions is 450€*
A route with seven 90 minute-sessions is 600€*

 * If you have a very limited budget, please contact me for social discount.
** All prices are VAT-inclusive for individuals, and VAT-exclusive for people with a small or big business who would like an invoice for the coachings.